What is mental illness

What is mental illness?

Why if there are so many drugs dedicated to “mental health issues”, why is the amounts of people with “mental illnesses” increasing? Isn’t the way medication suppose to work is to get rid of the issues, illness etc? Is the world we are living in and the pharmaceutical companies that are billion dollar enterprises creating these illnesses or making them worse? How does it all work? Are anti- depressants causing bi-bipolar and schizophrenia? Why are Children are now on psychiatric drugs!


There is now finite way to determine mental illness, no physical tests just behavioural patterns… how does this even make sense? We live in a world were some people are medicating their children because they have too much “energy” or are unruly? Does this not come down to the parenting abilities and dynamic between the parent and child? Why do you let your child dominate you? And why do they “lose their shit “ if you tell me no?.. is this a real cause for medicating a young child and altering their brain before their brain has had a good chance to properly grow?


Some research I’ve been doing lately suggests that psychotropic drugs create mental illness. I’m not saying to stop taking them, I’m merely putting a topic out there for discussion. Are there not other alternative ways to help our children and mentally ill? Why are they not coming up with mainstream cures? Why are they not practising alternative therapies? Why are alternative therapies not widely know? Is this just because the pharmaceutical industry is creating billions of dollars off the vulnerability of others?… from the research I just study apparently there is no such thing as a chemical in-balance in the brain until we actually stick the medication in our mouths which cause the imbalance’s .


What is the truth to all this? As a truth seeker I have stumbled across many theories, some that way people with severe mental illness such as bi-polar and schizophrenia or schizo-effective disorder are modern oracles of this time that can see, hear and communicate with other realms and beings. Some theorists believe that is Eastern culture, people who have mental illness in Western culture are cured by living there or praised in their communities and tribes for the gifts they have, visions and communications they experience.


Some people I know personally have been on mediation and diagnosed with schizophrenia but have successfully pulled away from the pharmaceutical enterprise by their own will power and determination, combined with deep emotional therapeutic exercises. Other people I know live a relatively “normal” healthy life on medication while some others struggle on a daily basis and see their mental illness as a huge hindrance to their existence.


What is the answer and why is the amount of people going on psychotropic drugs increasing not decreasing if the drugs are supposed to work in cure and helping such illnesses?


Please comment below any theories or beliefs you have.