Spread the love !!!

It makes me so sad to see a fellow human suffer especially by those who they love the most. It happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to many great, beautiful people. We get shunned by those who love us the most. Whether it’s from addiction. Illness… or anything else that is consider taboo. The list goes on. We are only Human. We are All only human. What if one of these said things happened to you ? Would you like to be loved and accepted by your community or shunned and rejected by those you love the most. We should not be made to feel less for those things that are out of our control. We are all only doing the best we can at any given time.

Too many of us are left to suffer on our own without the love and support of those that mean the most to us and what these people don’t understand is that is exactly what we need to get better !!! Love, support, understanding; Acceptance and faith in ourselves and our recovery. Too many people take drugs and other pills to party but judge those of us that become addicted . People with addictions, mental illness and such need as much love if not MORE than the rest of us. Something needs to happen ! We need to step up ! Support love and care for those less fortunate than us. We need to unite as one. Remember we are all one and be there for our fellow human beings. What if this happened to you ? How would you react. We need to support accept and understand we are all only humans doing the best we can at any given time. Stop to JUDGEMENT! STOP THE HATRED ! SPREAD THE LOVE !


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