Feeling it out !

Feel it out !!!

When I’m going through hard times, I like to remind myself that “nothing lasts forever” and “this too shall pass”. Life can seem like a massive jerk sometimes that not only shuts doors but seems to slam some right in your face. Sometimes chapters of our lives close before we want them to and sometimes people we love leave us without and clear indication. It can seem at times like our world is falling apart, but like a phoenix remember we will always rise from the ashes from the fire that burnt us in life. As long as during those burning times we remember that the pain will not last and we will rise up once again. That is life! There are ups and downs, struggles, happiness and sadness it’s all up to each of us on how we handle the situations we are presented with, especially those of which are out of our control.

“Remember there are no rainbows without rain”… When I was going through a hard time last year one of my good friends would always tell me to “feel it out”.. I was confused at the time because I felt like I couldn’t escape my emotions at the time, but what he meant was to embrace and feel every emotion that emerged during this time for me, the good the bad and the ugly. So I did, he told me to purge and embrace my emotions all of them, don’t block or try to avoid any of them and for that I am very grateful, for although it was a challenging time in my life I came out the other side a stronger, more grateful, wiser and happier person. It’s taught me a great lesson about dealing with emotions, instead of trying to mask them or avoid feeling them… his advice helped me get through my struggles by “feeling it out”… feeling out every emotion that surfaced, it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy but in the long run I am grateful for the experiences that I faced because it taught me so much about myself and other people, that I was unaware of previously, it also taught me great life experiences which I can share with others.

My purpose of my posts are to help and encourage those who have also experienced many challenges in their lives and to see such things from a different perspective. Having had a lot of traumatic experiences during my short 30 years on this Earth I don’t want to be seen as a victim nor do I want sympathy. I want to empower people and help others understand that we are the masters of our own destiny. I want to inspire others to see the situations they are faced with and help them rise and rise and rise again, after we have fallen time and time over. I want to promote and create a space to talk about those things that are considered “taboo”, depression, anxiety, mental illness and much more. Many of such things I have dealt with myself through my life’s journey personally. I want to talk about such things in a positive way and help others to understand that these circumstances do not mean its the end of the world, to look at such things with a different perspective than the often “critical mind” of the general consensus on such matters, I want to go into the depths of these matters and I want everyone to know that is struggling with similar things that there is indeed silver linings to what may seem like dark clouds shrouded in our lives. The point is acknowledging these negative emotions when they arise and not letting them take over, but accepting them for what they are then letting them go.

I know from my own experiences dealing with types of things such as anxiety, depression and mental illness people would often struggle to understand, so here I am to help you and anyone who is interested. My life is an open book and I’m willing to wear my heart of my sleeve and share my story solely for the purpose of inspiring and helping those in a similar situation and shedding light to those that are interested.

I was 19 when my first experiences like this occurred and it wasn’t until many years later that I was labelled with a diagnosis. Labels and diagnosis mean nothing to me, they are just words that are in place to help people make sense of something they don’t understand.

Who even knows the truth behind the terms “mental illness” from my experience these words were formed by Western Medical Practitioners to indicate, dictate and “fix” people that do not fit into social norms. There are many enlightening articles all over the internet and in Libraries that suggest the opposite is the case to those which suffer from “mental illness” I have read many articles that suggest in Eastern societies people with such conditions are seen as gifted individuals who are acknowledged and praised for their talents. Not medicated and locked up for being indifferent.
I don’t have the exact answers, I only can speak from my own opinion, research and knowledge in the search for a deeper understanding to these matters of which are still seen as “Taboo”.

Please feel free to comment or begin a discussion.

Cheers, Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I’m really hoping to get the message out there and shake these stigmas up and help people accept, recognise and appreciate those who suffer mentally or internally.

Much love xo


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