Being an emotional warrior

Being an emotional warrior

In life it’s important to be and emotional warrior not an emotional worrier, to stay strong in a positive frame of mind sometimes can seem like a fight against ourselves, a battle within our own minds, a fight between the darkness and light, between ourselves. The battle could be a daily fight, it could take one step at a time but the important thing is that we try.

We try and fight to not let the worrier take over, but accept the worrier and let the warrior within us fight and lead us into the light. It can be a slow process that we face everyday but the warrior within us is urging us to try, to stand up and fight and not give up on the most important person in the world, which is ourselves. We need to accept the challenge of the darkness a negative frame of mind provides and say our internal warrior we will win the fight.

It’s so easy to get back into old patterns and negative frames of mind but acknowledging the darkness is the first step towards the light. I have been through stages in my life where I’ve been worried about money or how a situation would turn out and much worse but what I realised over time is that these type of thought patterns never helped the problem that was in front of me and most of the time there wsan’t really a problem at all. What I did learn is that no matter what we will always be provided for as long as we loss our fear and embrace hope and believe that everything will work out for the best. Because from my experience fear seems to perpetuate more fear. But by having the internal belief that everything will work out in one way or another leaves space for miracles to happen and leaves us open to new windows of opportunity or ways of support and solutions to our problems that we may have previously been blind to.

It’s up to us to open our eyes to the solutions in our lives, they may not come to us the way we expect or perceive them to but if we are open to all possibilities then our options are endless.

Battles with the mind

The world we live in seems to be so technology advanced but in other areas of our existence we are just beginning to scratch the surface. What about aspects of our human mind and the power in has over our entire lives and the world around us? The research and understanding to this is still limited at best. When I was younger none of these types of conversations or aspects were even talked about, the mind just seemed to be something that existed within us but the power of its purpose was never bought up or mentioned to me until years later when I went searching for answers. What I discovered was the interrelationship between our bodies, minds and the world around us. Focus on a black dot in a room full of colour and the black dot will seem to enlarge, focus on the colour in the room and the black dot will blend in with the rest of the coloured spectrum. What I’m referring to is the power of what we believe in and what we create for our own existence and what we focus on we create more of.

If we focus on fear, loss, pain and struggle then we will perpetuate those feelings and make more of what we don’t want. If we focus on battling those demons placed on us and fight the dark feelings that overcome us we will be able to create better worlds for ourselves and the word around us.
Being strong minded doesn’t mean we don’t have negative thoughts or feelings or that we only experience joyous feelings, being strong minded means we still have all those thoughts and emotions but we don’t let them control our lives, we acknowledge them for what they are and we choose to not let them dictate our existence but yet we overcome them.

It all starts with the decision and intention to change ourselves and our lives for the better,to avoid those negative pitfalls that we all have and embrace the power of believing in ourselves, it all starts with one step in the right direction.


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