Heartbreak and Happiness

Nothing I ever truly lost, merely misplaced, whatever is lost will always be replaced, maybe not by the exact same thing entirely but in a different way in a different time in a different space.

Heartbreak is a difficult emotion to be faced with, because in some cases it feels like your whole heart and soul has been replaced and left with a endless void of empty space. The damage has been done but in the long run all wounds will heal and all pain will dissipate. The pain does not last forever, it may seem like an eternity when it occurs but what has seemed to be misplaced will return. Love will return and your heart and soul will be healed. All is not lost, as long as hope resides within you. It may be a slight glimmer, it may be a a shining light. But as long as hope exists be sure to see a flash of beaming light. You may no realise it at the time but when you look back down the track you will notice that the God and Universe always had your back!

Never lose hope and always remember what appears lost will always return, it may be in a different form, but the dark times will pass and remember happiness resides within you. xo


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