Lessons and Blessings in life part 1

Life can be a tremendous adventure full of highs and lows, we all experience difficulties at times but what I’ve just learned from the past year which has been quite the roller-coaster I found that whatever we need will always be provided for us in one way or another. That although times may seem really difficult, they don’t last or they only last as long as we allow them affect us.

The last year was a tough one for me, many obstacles and challenges arose that I didn’t think I was prepared for and I didn’t think I had the inner facilities to get through some of the most challenging experiences of my life. I learned two major lessons from these experiences the first was to always put myself and my well-being first as my Dad always says “who’s the most important person in the world”? I would always respond with “you and Mum” but he would always correct me and say “ no you are the most important person in the world” meaning we are all the most important people in our own world because we are the only people that have to contend with ourselves, our choices and our conciousness everyday. So it’s up to us to make our lives the best possible, some of my friends come to me asking me for advice on which way they should go in life and what they really want to do or who they really want to be and how it contradicts what other people want for them in life, well I say to them “listen to yourself… go within and listen to your own heart and mind, what do you truly desire and want from life” because at the end of the day it’s your life you are living and no one else.

I spent too many years living my life trying to please other people or making decisions based on what I thought other people wanted from me or how to live my life, but it didn’t make me truly happy, once I started believing in myself and following my own dreams and desire a whole new world of opportunities opened up for me, It all started with one action in getting back into what I truly love and then from there on new opportunities and people presented themselves to me leading me in the direction I needed and wanted to go. Showing me that life can be truly amazing and leading me to my second major lesson I learned which was sometimes all it takes is a little bit of faith to get us through anything, faith can be and mean anything, faith in ourselves, our family, faith and hope in greater things to come or faith in a higher being helping us through our toughest times.

We all have tough days where things don’t seem to go our way or our whole world seems like it’s falling apart, but if we listen to that inner voice it will always lead us in the right direction for us in our lives and take us to the places we are meant to be. No matter how messed up or destroyed we may feel like we are there is always a new day to start fresh and be the people we were meant to be, now by that I don’t mean we have to go to extremes but we can start doing those little things for ourselves that we have been putting off for ages, we can apply for that course or start eating better, call that person we love and spend time with them, make for of an effort to be the people we want to be not the people society deems us to be.

To me there is no right or wrong way to live life, there is no rule book saying we should have a certain amount of money, house, marriage etc at a certain point in life, everyone’s life is different, life is random and if we embrace what it has to offer it can takes us to places that we only dreamed of if we allow it.

Thanks for the read, Blessings to all xoxo


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