Fear and Anxiety

Everybody I speak to that suffers from anxiety and depression speaks about the same thing!! …they speak about a fear of judgement from society… why do we live in a society where certain people are afraid to leave their houses because they are that scared of what people might think or how they may be treated in a negative way! What on Earth has happened to the world that we are in fact afraid to leave the comfort of our own homes because we are so scared of being judged and criticised? Firstly what gives someone, anyone the right to think they can judge or criticise anyone else, we are all just living our lives doing our best at any given moment in time. We all have heartache, we all have pain, some of us suffer deeply and see the problems of the world while others are too busy, naming, judging and criticising others based on their own superficial opinion…

Where is the LOVE ?!? Literally if we had unconditional love for ourselves and each other I believe all this fear, hatred and anxiety would not exist in the world. It is not hard and it’s not a mystery it’s simple human nature, if we remove our critical minds and every now and then try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes then maybe there would be more sympathy and compassion in the world, there would be less hatred and more understanding… I dunno maybe I’m a dreamer and I like to believe in the possibility of a better existence for humanity, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way or has experienced these things… more and more people are coming to me each day experiencing the same things!… fear, anxiety and depression… sure these are feelings that I personally acknowledge as a part of the human experience, they are horrible to feel but it doesn’t mean they are any less valid emotions than love, joy and happiness and we should all know by now that one can not exist without the other.

My point is we need to create more love, understanding and acceptance in many and all areas of life. Gone are the times of old where judgement and fear ruled, today is a new age where we all need to shine in our individual glory whatever that may be. Hiding and fearing who we are or being made to feel ashamed of ourselves are, I believe to be some of the most horrible feelings a human can feel. We all want to be loved, supported, understood and accepted no matter how strange, weird or different we may seem in the eyes of others.

I personally am not happy with the way things are going and we need to make a change. I read in an article the other day that suicide is the most common cause of death of teenage females… what and why is this happening and why in the world is self-harm and suicide becoming so common, we need to put down our iphones and connect with each other, we need to ask our friends if they are ok, we need to make connections with one another and the world around us… too many people are dying and for what? When we could of maybe had a chance to save them, most people just want to be heard, they don’t need your answers, they don’t need you to try and make a solution …Just Listen… and let them be heard, you may not understand but you may save a life.. Too much blood has been shed of the cruelness of humanity and something has to stop and we need to make a change and we need to UNITE !


4 thoughts on “Fear and Anxiety

  1. In saying that judgment and shame are very present, you speak the truth. The peace and serenity is by letting go of what is inside. Some call this ego.

    Our society is crazy. It feeds instant gratification. All ego and narcissitic. God forbid that we be inconvienced. When are depressed, we lose our identity. Our purpose is to help our neighbor. Our passion and spirituality comes alive. Thank you for your blog.

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  2. 100% agree! There are a lot of negative stigmas about mental illness that leaves sufferers to unfortunately be misjudged and misunderstood. It would be great to see society shift from fear and avoidance of mental disease towards understanding and inclusion.
    Great post! Looking forward to more,

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