In a world full of chaos finding your own self-worth can be hard. When people try to knock you down and you start to lose hope, in a world that is based in high regard for vanity, where does that put the thinkers, the doers and the people with drive and wisdom? In a world that bases their emphasis on fame, fortune and fakery, where does that leave the rest of us?

The real ones, the ones with hopes and dreams larger than the “perfection” of our physical appearance? Should we ever be judged on what we look like? Or is who we are as people more important? We are constantly saturated through all media outlets of the “importance” of looking good, as we see the people in the lime light ridicule for their appearance time and time again, all this is doing is creating fear and anxiety for the rest of us. Is physical perfection that important as a trait amongst society or should we be focusing on other things?

Where is the emphasis on the brave? The outstanding and the inspirational? From what I have seen these things may make it to the news but they are often just a side note to all the terror and fear based chaos in the world. Would all this negativity exists if we didn’t perpetuate so much attention to the dark side of life?

Shouldn’t the way we treat people be more important than what we look like,who we are as a person, what we stand for? Our values and principals? Isn’t that what mattes most? Or is status more important? Who you date, what you drive and what you look like?

Where are all the interesting people in life and why isn’t the focus on them? What happened to the greats? Leonardo Da Vinci? Picasso? Nostradamus? Do people like this still exist? The great thinkers and inventors of the world? Or are their lives wrapped up in creating new forms of technology to perpetuate this cycle of money and power that exists in the world?

Should we be focusing on the truth and reality of the world or the superficial nonsense that is constantly being jammed down our throats? Why are people praised for doing a good deed?shouldn’t this just be in our nature? Are we programmed to be so selfish and self-centred that sometimes we can’t even see what is right in front of our eyes?

Does a little kindness hurt ? No ! Does a little empathy and compassion hurt? No ! It heals all and everyone… sometimes we get too caught up in our mundane everyday lives that we forget to see the bigger picture! Sometimes we are too busy focusing on what we should wear and how we should look we forget that other people exist in he world. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to keep up with the Joneses… Do you have a “good” job, is your girlfriend the “correct” weight? That we lose sight of the things and people that really matter in life.

Sometimes we let vanity, money and power control our lives that we forget who we are, sometimes we try so hard desperately to compete with one another that we forget our friends and family have feelings too and that life is not a race or a competition! It’s about learning and accepting one another for our differences and uniting as one beyond our exterior surface, looking above and beyond and seeing what lies beneath. Forgetting the past and our mistakes and accepting each other for the way we are and where we are at in our lives. It’s not a great mystery, it’s actually quite simple, all we need to do is forget all the nonsense and focus on being good to ourselves and each other, no judgement, no hatred, no blaming… just acceptance.


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