The road of life…

I used to be scared of life, I used to think that bad things happened all the time and there was always something to be scared of, lately what I’ve realised is if we don’t take chances, we won’t learn to fly… in other words, if we don’t take a risk and go out on a limb we will always be stuck in the same place, like those meme say: Your life begins and the end of your comfort zone. sometimes life can make you crazy, “cus its taking all you got”… (to quote Casey Chambers) but if we keep trying and keep pushing we may be pleasantly surprised with what the day brings.

Sometimes the path can seem unclear and we are not sure which direction to take or where it will lead us, and we will doubt and question ourselves, but if we sit in fear within our mind we will be constantly wondering what if? What if I had taken that chance where would I be today or what if I hadn’t?

Is it worth while dwelling in the past? living, thinking and comparing your current life to what happened in the past or to what once was? The point is that things happen and life goes on, sometimes things happen that we didn’t expect but if we learn and grow from what the past has told us then we have never failed, we can either give up and live in our own sorrow, polluting our own minds and lives or we can try to look at things from a new perspective and make room within ourselves, to learn, heal and grow. Sometimes things happen out of our control and the only thing we are responsible for is how we choose to perceive or act about the situation. Do you want to be controlled and governed by your past? Or do you want to embrace what has happened to you and learn to be a better person? Do you want to live in constant worry and doubt or possibly have the chance to rest easy because you know you have done your absolute best in every situation you were faced?

From what I’ve learned is that life is one crazy roller-coaster ride and sometimes the road can seem hazy and we are unsure of where we are going or where it is going to lead us, but sometimes it’s worth jumping in the cart with our eyes shut, clinging on tight and hoping for the best, because let’s face it sometimes life can be scary as hell. Sometimes we have bad days, but don’t let them make you forget that there indeed are good days too, in those moments where we feel completely broken and lost, in those moments when we are full of sorrow and feel like there is no hope for tomorrow, don’t give in, don’t give up. All hope is not gone and all hope is not lost, just like when Pandora’s box was opened to unleash fury on the world, the last thing left inside was hope, to me metaphorically speaking what that says is when your life feels completely crazy and upside down, like the world is falling apart, don’t lose hope … because even in the darkest hours the light shines the brightest.

Living in a life or fear based anxiety and worrying too much what other people think gets you no where in life but brings you a whole world of unhappiness do what you think, because people will judge you anyway, if you do what feels right in your heart you will always find the answer for a solution, you will always come to a level of understanding, even if things don’t seem to turn out right. But if you go against your own grain and your own desires that’s when you can create a whole world of chaos for yourself and those around you, everyone wants to be loved, respected and accepted, and sometimes we are too quick to give that to others and not to ourselves. We can either let things tear us up inside or we can embrace life and ourselves and let our authentic selves guide us and show us the way.

I have done many things in my life that haven’t been ‘right’ in terms of social standards but they have been right for me… and in one way or another they have taken me to places I only dreamed of … All these things that people once spoke of that seemed a mystery to me are starting to make sense. I used to read or hear that “life is about learning and growing, everything happens for a reason… etc, etc” and I never really knew what it meant until now. The path of life can be windy and sometimes the road doesn’t seem clear, sometimes there are obstacles, rocks and sometimes there is rain on the path, but what I’ve figured is if we keep our head high and stick to our guns everything will start to make sense in one way or another. Things will happen and our lives will twist and turn, but it will always take us where we are meant to go.


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