The Subconscious mind

Are fate and destiny intertwined? Or is it up to us to decide what happens in our lives? Do they both go hand in hand or are there higher powers with our lives in their hands? Do we create the situations in our existence or do they create us? Are we just a product of our surroundings? Or do we chose to be who we are meant to become because of what happens to us in our lives? ….

These are questions I ponder as I look upon my life and the lives of those around me, do we let certain things happen to us? Or do we create our own destiny and identity? Sometimes I’m not sure who is in charge, I know if I look back and think if I had done certain things differently things may be different in my life, but which one was right and which one was wrong? Is it really a ‘mistake’ if it lead me to this new path in life? It may have felt like the wrong decision when I look back, but it may have felt right at the time… I know we are all only merely human and we make mistakes from time to time, but are these things really mistakes or just unconscious decisions that lead us to different paths in our lives?

If I had chosen to do what I’d done would I be where I am today? Would I have made the friends that I’ve made? Would I have achieved the things that I had or would I be in a completely different time and space… I know there are many theories to this dilemma, some extreme and others not so extreme.. Take Dolores Cannon for example, an elderly woman whose You Tube videos are her talking for sometimes hours on end about her beliefs that there are indeed alternate realities that coexist simultaneously in this world. How can that even be possible? And if it is are we really coexisting with ourselves in different dimensions?…. Dolores believes there are indeed powers beyond our control that govern and guide our lives, she is a hypnotist by trade and believes she can heal people’s lives through gaining communication with our subconsciousness, unlike other hypnotists Dolores claims she can access the far reaches of our minds that other hypnotists will avoid, because “it’s too dangerous” (as she states in one of her You Tube videos).

My point is …. who really knows? And is the a definitive answer? Are we walking around unconsciously making decisions about our lives we are not even aware of? From the documentaries I’ve seen in regard to the human mind and the subconscious there is so many things that can not be explained, when asked many scientist and neurologists explained that is regards to how much our subconscious governs our lives compared to our consciousness while we are awake is extreme, each one was asked to draw the amount or conscious mind governs our lives on a piece of A4 paper and each one drew a tiny section on the paper in comparison. They each explained that there was so much in our subconscious being that was yet to be described and they each stated that it was virtually impossible to find what happens there, from the test they had created.

Dolores on the other hand believes she can access this part through deep hypnosis…I’m still unsure, I know there are a lot of mysterious things in this world and I have always felt the human mind is one of them, what these scientists and Dolores both agreed on was that our mind is a power instrument, probably the most powerful instrument in existence, and what I’ve experienced first hand is how that tool can either destroy or create your life, I believe within your mind is your whole perception of life and the world around you. If you treat your mind badly, by filling it with toxic thoughts and delusions it will destroy your life. But if you chose to use that tool that essentially creates and perceives your world around you then miraculous and beautiful things can happen.


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