Cafe Culture?

Walking into a cafe just now to order a coffee. I knew it seemed a bit pretentious by the look of the place and I had my doubts but i proceeded to give it a chance and grab my coffee there anyway…. As I started to order my coffee the lady proceeded to tell me that it was a Vegan Cafe and they didn’t serve any animal products…She asked me and I said I’d have a latte with coconut milk…. as I stood there totally uncomfortable by the looks I was getting off the customers I checked out some organic leaf tea…. As I stood there I felt like all eyes were on me… was it because of my semi outrageous outfit ? Or was it because they possibly couldn’t believe I would like anything organic judged purely on my appareance? …. the point is I felt totally uncomfortable by tge looks I was getting and couldn’t help but think people were judging me and maybe they were… but what I also noticed was about 6 tables each of which 80 -100% of them were on their phones. IN A CAFE WITH THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY !!!… instead of communicating with each other they were communcating with their devices… even thre three slim elderly women who gawked at me as I walked in were sitting around there tabke of three… faces down in there phones. .. not communicating with each other…there was hardly any chatter in a full cafe and it was totally strange ! Are we all too caught up in the cyber world to realise what is really important ? And to be honest the coffee tasted horrible and made me feel sick all morning !!

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