I feel the cool wind against my face and I hear your voice calling my name, so soft and sweet
You give me hope and belief.

You give me optimism of the things to come and you give me the loving gift of compassion to help me move on.

In this life of love who knows where the road will take me, but with your wings of hope on my back I know that life will save me.

You are gone but not forgotten, thank you for helping me return my wings and remembering how to fly, because deep down I always knew you were by my side.

I knew you were with me every step of the way and the light of your guidance was merely a heartbeat away.

For every song that I heard or every bird that I saw I knew I would see your face once more,

whether it was in my dreams at night or in the far moving horizon in the sky, your beautiful face will always remain a memory within my mind.


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