Where is the love?

How do you or are you meant to function is today’s society, where high school students have the same anxiety levels as mental patients from the 1950’s. What is the world coming to and how did we make is this way? Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are always under constant scrutiny everywhere we go…. the emphasis is on being ‘perfect’ in today’s day and age it’ss ridiculous, what happened to the core values of love and respect, of acceptance and decency towards one another, I feel like in some ways we are moving forward in society, especially in regard to technology but where does that leave us as a species? … I feel like it’s moving us backwards in a humanitarian sense a million miles.

As we all know we are all becoming so ‘connected’ in terms of technology. There are cameras and TVs everywhere and on everything. We literally cant’ go anywhere without being ‘watched’… is this really doing any good for mankind? I mean cameras surveillance at the banks is one thing, but 9 cameras outside in the smoking area of my local pub…. that is another… what happened to the world where we turned into a species that is so fear based? When I ask the question… “why is there so many cameras”. I always get the same response…. “to stop violence”… Is our world really that violent? And if so what made it that way? Because I never remember a time where I was afraid to go to the bank, pub or shops but with all these cameras in place I feel like it perpetuates the problem… more and more people are suffering from anxiety, which if you are not sure what that is it’s a severe condition that effects the way you think, act and feel or from the basis of a fear based illusion. Why are more and more people suffering from anxiety everyday? I know the majority I people I know suffer from it from one way or another. Is it because the world that we live in forces us to be filled with unrealistic fear to ‘keep us in place’ and conform to their rigid structure or is it something else? Could it be a combination of being fed process foods for too many years and destructive information flooding through our home televisions and radio stations through the news? When ever we switch on out TV sets which are in our place of ‘sanctuary’ our homes, are we letting such fearful, horrid information flood and fill our lives to the point we are scared of living? I know this could sound quite dramatic but my question is… how did society become like this?

There may be far stretched corners of the globe where these rules don’t apply but I have travelled quite a bit and love to get out and see the world and from my experience the same thing is happening everywhere, in some places worse than others…. People always seem so quick to judge one another and so slow to learn acceptance and understanding of each other and their situations…
A common topic which comes up between my friends and I is the fact of homelessness. Would you give a homeless person money if you saw them begging on the street? Would you offer them food? Or would you just walk away and think they deserve to be where they are?
My response to this question is… Do you know this person? Do you know their lives? Do you know how they ended up on the street and what if that was you?…..people usually respond the same saying” I would never let myself get into that situation and they just want alcohol”…. well my response to that is well I will always give them money, during my time working in my teenage years there was a lot of homeless people who used to hang around my work because it was close to town. They would come up to me on my lunch break and I always would have the time for them. I never asked how they got in their situation, but I would always listen to what they had to say. I remember one time when it was Christmas and one man who I spoke to frequently was telling me how he would go to the shelter later and had some food. I was happy he would get a nice meal that night, but he also told me how much he would love some ‘plonk’ (wine). So I went into my purse and gave him $5 to get some wine. I made that man so happy to the point he was almost in tears, I knew he wanted to buy wine with the money and I was just glad that I could make his day. …My point is I myself like some wine and as some of you may know it can ease the pain or be a type of release from stressful situations in life, now imagine if you for some reasons out of your control ended up homeless, with no where to go or no one to turn to? I know everyone thinks this would never happen to them, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances take us to places we don’t want to be in life. Now imagine if all you wanted was a little drink to help ease the pain and sorrow of your horrible circumstances? I’m not saying go and give all homeless people wine, all I’m saying is maybe we need to stop being so judgemental and shut off to people other than ourselves. Take that homeless man for example, I’m sure he wasn’t born homeless and how unfortunate for him to get in that situation in his life. If we can just show a little more love and compassion to those we know, ourselves and those we don’t know, maybe there won’t be so much horrific fear in the world…. maybe, just maybe the world we be a better place… and maybe we are the ones that need to make a change.


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