Lemon Fire !

Life is full of twist and turns, ups and downs, but if you get enough of those ‘uh huh’ moments … the moments when you look back and realise that everything indeed does fall into place and everything does happen for a reason, then you will realise that everything is exactly how it’s meant to be… now sometimes horrible things do happen and who actually knows the reason for that/ maybe it is to give you that extra drive to push a bit harder to learn and grow from your mistakes from the past… I believe that we are responsible for our own actions, we are not responsible for the actions of others or we are in no way responsible for the way they react to us. What we are responsible for is the way we react to others and how we respond to others…with a twist to an old saying… when life gives you lemon… grab those damn lemons, grind them to a pulp and use their toxic acidity to fuel your fire!!! Because like most creatures and beings on this Earth we need heat and fire not only to survive but to thrive… and if we use that bitter tasting, sometimes hard to swallow taste in our mouth, spit it out, spin it around and grind it up it actually can be a great fuel to ignite the passion and inspiration in our hearts. We can either let it sink into our systems, seep into our bloodstreams and let the toxins destroy our hearts and minds…. or like I said we can use it as fuel to ignite the fearless fire within our hearts…..

What I’ve found in my experience anyway is people like that who want to fill others with fear and doubt, judgement or just like to treat people it bad taste or with bad intentions, are just adding to all the problems that there is with the world and humanity… I can only speak for myself and as I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts people who like to hurt others of have hate in their heart do have a place in this world, as much as I don’t agree with what they have said or they have hurt me over and over again in the past… they are in fact are the reason I have chosen to not simply live an ‘ordinary’ life, but to try my best to live the extraordinary life that I dream of… because there is no way I want to be one of those people that is so miserable with their lives they feel like they have to take their unhappiness out on other people… if we all chose to follow our hearts true desires, whether that be trying to help humanity, look after sick people or work at our favourite retail shop, then simply put it I believe the world will be a better place,there are always times in life where you will get knocked over, sometimes it will feel like it’s endless and there is no hope. Sometimes it feels like there is no way out and we are surrounded by darkness. But what I’ve found from my experience is that there are indeed dark days in everyone’s lives, but the soon there will always be undeniable light… the best thing I ever did for myself is believe in myself!… when no one else did. It gave me more power, inspirations and insight than I could have ever imagined. Becoming one with myself… subconsciously choosing to not in fact worry about what other people think and to stop living my life based on what other people thought was best for me… I chose to be myself, now I don’t mean that it gave me the right to be a complete and utter self-centred bitch… what it did is give me the power to believe in myself and my ability to be a great human … because lets face it… great humans are not publicly celebrated these days… I mean in the news and mainstream media / magazines / social media the focus is primarily on how you look, who you date, where you live or how much money you have!! hahaha I honestly think this is a complete joke and I’m unsure how people like this have any true joy or satisfaction in their lives if their whole entire world revolves around “how many likes they get on Facebook”.. sorry but to me that is very low on my list of priorities in life… are these people really your friends? Would you talk to them if you ran into them in the street? Or would you turn your head, put your head down and pretend they don’s exist? … This has happened to me before and I’m sure it has happened to everyone… is this concerning? Or is this the way the world is turning? Where we like acknowledge and “appreciate” our “friends” in cyber space… But can’t even acknowledge their existence in THE REAL WORLD!!!! my point is maybe if we stop worrying so much what people think of us and instead ask ourselves what will make us happy, or asks ourselves what our heart truly desires then maybe the world won’t be such a horrible ‘fear-based’ world… maybe we will find that joy inside ourselves instead of constantly searching for ‘approval’ and ‘acceptance’ from others.


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